Easy to assemble with great flexibility.
Also known as Long Span Shelving, Uni-Light duty racking will five you the storage space you are looking for.

Long span shelving is one of the most popular kinds of light duty racking available, as it is quick to assemble, and no special tools are required to do so. Within minutes, users are able to expand their storage capacity therefore enjoying greater flexibility and higher storage density.

  • Open Beam Racking
  • Open Slatted Timber Racking
  • Solid Timber Decking
  • Steal Decking


  1. Upright
  2. Horizontal Brace
  3. Diagonal Brace
  4. Bolt-on Base Foot
  5. M8 / 16 mm Bolt & Nut
  6. M8 / 40 mm Bolt & Nut
  7. 20 mm Spacer Tube
  8. 50 Open Beam
  9. Sigma Beam
  10. Gravity Locking Pin
  11. Timber Deck
  12. Chipboard Deck
  13. Support Saddle
  14. Steel Deck

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