UNI edge

UNI edge

Smooth lines and easy adjust-ability.
Bolt-less steel shelving and accessories.

  • Static Open Shelving Units
  • Static Clad Shelving Units
  • Mobile Open Shelving Units
  • Mobile Clad Shelving Units
  • Multi – Tier Shelving Systems
  • Small – Pats Storage Systems
  • Raised Storage Areas


  • Static Cladded Shelving
  • Mobile Cladded Shelving

Application: Ideal for document and tape storage.

Commercial filing, documentation, archives, small parts and computer spools, video and audio tapes, etc…

  1. Uni – Angle
  2. Side Panel
  3. Back Panel
  4. Corner Plate
  5. Bolt & Nut
  6. Single Base Foot
  7. Double Base Foot
  8. Shelf
  9. Channel Reinforces
  10. Bin Front
  11. Kick Plate
  12. Shelf Divider
  13. Divider Clip
  14. Label Holder
  15. Shelf Bin
  16. Tool Tray
  17. Tool Tray Divider

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