UNI Drive

UNI Drive

Compact bulk storage solutions.
Eliminate product crushing at the base.

High density pallet racking increases the number of storage positions in a warehouse, by utilising depth to boost the capacity of the storage space. Universal Storage Systems high-density pallet racking is custom designed to meet the requirements of clients’ specific storage areas, be they compact or large, to ensure that their racking systems make the best possible use of the space available.

High density racking systems include various types of storage solutions, including drive-in, drive-through and open-faced racking systems. They can work on either a LIFO or FIFO storage method, depending on the specific requirements of the warehouse in question.


High-density pallet racking is most commonly used for ambient Bulk loads, as well as in cold rooms and for the storage of non-perishable goods. 

Uni-Drive Components

  • Frame Upright
  • Frame Brace channel
  • Guide Rail Channel
  • Self Centering Pallet Support Rail
  • Double Gusset Arm
  • Single Gusset Arm
  • Top Tie
  • Plan Brace Channel
  • Spacer Tube
  • Frame Post Protector & Lead-In
  • Self Centering Pallet Support Rail


  • Drive-In Racking Systems
  • Drive-Trough Racking Systems
  • Open-Faced Racking Systems