Universal Storage Systems

Shelving Solutions

U.S.S has a diverse range of products to provide the right, shelving solution for you.

With our specially made Universal Uni - range we ensure that your storage systems are cost effective, value engineered, of the highest consistent quality and proven durability to optimize your storage capacity.

Shelving Range
Under Uni-Angle

  • Bolt-less Steel Shelving and Accessories (Uni-Edge)
  • Bolted Steel Shelving (Uni-Shelf)

Under Light Duty Racking
  • Long Span Shelving (Uni-Light)

Our office systems are manufactured to the same standards of precision as our industrial products. They are designed specifically for the office environment with carefully attention being paid to creating a tasteful appearance which is able to fit in with modern sophisticated office surroundings, while still providing a highly effective storage system. In addition, mobile shelving units are available for high density storage of files and office materials.The units are designed to provide a storage system which makes the most economical use of space.

Whether you are looking for shelving for Industrial or Commercial uses, Universal Storage Systems has a solution for you. From documents, to parts, to fossils of human kinds history, we have stored and protected our clients products for over 20 years.

  • UNI - EDGE

A space for every item. The ideal small parts solution. Bolted Steel Shelving

U.S.S offers a range of bolted steel shelving solutions that are custom-installed for clients’ small-parts storage requirements. Steel shelving is a versatile and cost-effective means of Storage space. Moreover, steel shelving can be easily relocated whenever necessary.

Our shelving systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit clients’ storage requirements, and can be quickly and simply installed in warehouses, offices, retail stores and in the home

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