Universal Storage Systems

Production and Product Installation

This integrated approach meets every requirements for both Industrial and Commercial steel storage systems through application
of each of the encompassing elements;

  • Concept Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Product Development and Engineering
  • Quality Assured Automated Engineering
  • Validation Testing
  • Project Management and Installation
  • After-Sales Service

U.S.S has adopted a solution driven method instead of a merely product driven approach by providing products that answer your
needs as a customer and offer the best possible solution, with over 20 years of experience, advance technology and SEMA certified
Professionals. U.S.S modern and sophisticated manufacturing facility ensures optimal material utilization and total production consistency.
Our products are services are backed by innovative thinking and unwavering values with a belief in:
“ No shot-cuts,no compromises. Only quality - first time, every time.”

Our high strength and versatile racking systems can be built up from standard components to provide an almost unlimited variation in
layout to suit every storage need. The system allows for optimum utilization of floor area and floor to roof space. Each component is
precision manufactured to high standards of strength and durability.

Our office systems are manufactured to the same standards of precision as our industrial products, however that are designed
specifically for the office environment.We pay attention to creating a tasteful appearance which are able to fit within a modern,
sophisticated office surroundings, as well as providing a highly effective storage systems. In addition, mobile shelving units are
available for high density storage of files and office materials. The units are designed to provide a storage system which market
the most economical use of space.

  • Racking Solution
  • Shelving Solution
  • Mezzanine Flooring
Racking Solution

With our specially made Universal Uni - range we ensure that your storage systems are cost effective, value engineered, of the highest

consistent quality and proven durability to optimize your storage capacity.


Ambient and cold room pallet racking - consumer goods. paper, timber, chemicals, heavy components and parts, stillage etc...

High rise racking with 100% selectivity. For all warehouses and distribution centers. 

  • Static Racking
  • Mobile Racking
  • High - Rise Racking
  • Narrow Aisle Racking
  • Multi-tiered Racking
  • Live - Pallet Racking
  • Live - Carton Racking 

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Shelving Solution
Mezzanine Flooring

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